While we were over in North Vancouver we decided to head over to a cute little cafe called Winston. Why we decided to go there was we used to have a little Bichon ShiZhu named Winston and we had to head there. We asked why they named the cafe Winston and they said it was after a dog as well. What a coincidence.

The Interior

This cafe is quite small with only a couple tables and a huge family style table. The menu located behind the bar was written on paper on a chalkboard which was really cool. The cafe was very bright and had very high ceilings which was really beautiful.

The Drinks

After looking over their menu and asking a couple different questions about a couple of the drinks we decided on a couple.

I ordered an iced latte for $4.25 it was made with Coast beans from Modus Espresso. It was really good and had great flavour.

My wife ordered the Mountain Berry Iced Tea for $4.50 which was really good and it was so refreshing. Perfect fo a day like today.

My daughter had a Tality Buch for $5, she picked the Elderberry flavour. It is brewed in North Vancouver, she said it was really nice and refreshing.

The Service

Everyone there was amazing and very helpful. The staff were very friendly and very helpful with everything that we were asking.

The Hours

Open 7 days a week

Brunch – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Happy Hour – 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Wine Bar & Dinner – 5:00pm to 9:00pm


There was only parking located on the street on either side. It was only paid parking as well.

Last Words

We probably wouldn’t drive all the way to North Vancouver to come back to this cafe unless we were already over in North Vancouver. Although if you were in North Vancouver then you should definitely check this place out.  

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