Last time we drove through Kamloops we drove by this little cafe and knew when we came back through we had to stop here. So this was the time. We were so happy to be able to try this place. They were busy, but their hostess, Grace, was amazing. She kept checking in and letting us know that our table was almost ready and overall she was just amazing.

The Interior

We didn’t really go inside since we sat on the patio since it was a really nice day. There was a bunch of tables on their patio all shaded by the trees. My daughter did take a peak inside to look at the specials on the board. It was a huge wall displayed board on the right side of the interior and then the bar and kitchen were on the right with a bunch of tables on the left side of the restaurant. 

The Drinks

I ordered a small latte for $4.50 and it was really good, I believe it was made with a dark roast. Both my wife and daughter ordered a London Fog for $4.75 each which were okay, they were sad that it was made with Twinnings Tea. They really wish cafe’s would pay a little more for really good tea since they use really good coffee. 

The Food

The menu had a bunch of items that sounded amazing and all the food that was coming to the tables looked amazing so we were excited to try some delicious food. 

Both my wife and I ordered the Full Smoked Backed Bacon Benny for $16.50 each. It was excellent and the bread was delicious, the eggs were cooked perfectly. The hollandaise was really good and they gave lots of it which was awesome. We also really loved the seasoning on the potatoes.

My daughter ordered the Full Smoked Bacon Benny for $16.50. It was amazing and the bacon was crispy which made it even better. All my daughter could say was ‘Yummy!’. She had all the same comments as our food as well.  

The Service

The staff were amazing, we ended up talking to the owner when we paying and she said that this is a family run business from the beginning, there is multiple generations working here. They have very quick turnaround for the tables and the are absolutely amazing all around. 

The Hours

Monday to Saturday – 7:30am to 2:30pm

Sunday – 8:00am to 2:30pm


There is street parking on either side of the street and you will have to pay for parking, but if you have forgotten or need to add time there is a parking machine right in front of the restaurant.

Last Words

Whenever we head through Kamloops we will be stopping here for sure. We had the best experience and the most amazing food so it is a no brainer that we will be visiting again. 

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