One of the main reasons for coming to Gibson’s was to visit one of my favourite shops, Beachcomber. I have loved their coffee for a while now and I was super happy that we could visit here. They have such a nice location above the main street and they are at an elevation that you can see the water from their front door. Such a nice view for sure.

The Interior

When you walk in there is a bank of tables on the right and the bar is on the left. In the front window they have a bench and shelving that has a ton of product for sale, but no prices. In their showcase today they had Deadly Donuts and boy or boy they were flying out of there for sure.

The Drinks

It was not very hard for us to decide what we wanted to drink since they have a limited menu, which is very nice, no need for a ton of options.

I ordered a Latte for $4.50 and it was a dark roast that kicked you in your face. It was very strong but had very good flavour.

My wife ordered the London Fog for $4.50 and it was made with Wise Monkey tea, which we know is very weak tea, so my London Fog was very weak with not much flavour.

My daughter ordered a Mocha for $5 and it was delicious. She said it had amazing flavour and it was really good that it came with whipped cream.

The Service

The staff were friendly and it was busy so it was nice that they were able to make it a great experience even though they were crazy. It was so great that we were able to ask questions and get answers without feeling like an inconvenience.

The Hours

Daily – 7:00am to 5:00pm


There was parking all around the cafe on either side of the road and it was all free parking.

Last Words

If we are back in Gibsons in the future I would for sure head back and get a beverage and pick up some coffee. If I cannot make it back then I would for sure order more of their coffee beans online and have it shipped to me. 

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