While we were driving around Calgary we came across this new cafe located downtown by the Peace Bridge. They had just opened and when you enter it is like a grand entrance. We felt very under dressed because everyone had suits on and we walked in with our street wear. Overall it was all good, because they said it was all good, we accept all here.

The Interior

The interior is very grand, to say the least, the purple suede chairs and oversize tables with the beautiful drapes. You feel very royal walking into this cafe. They have a huge bar at the back of the shop when you walk in, then on either sides of the family style table (that was holding sellable goods now) there were a bunch of tables. It is very beautiful.

The Drinks

After reviewing the menu, I was very excited to see that they were serving Syphon Coffees here, so to my excitement I ordered one of them for $8. It was good, the only comment we made was that we wish they served it in a glass instead of a tin cup because the tin changes the flavour of the coffee.

My wife and daughter ordered an Anastasia Tea Latte for $3.80 each. It was very good, it had a great bergamot flavour. We said when we go back we would ask for it to be made without the addition of vanilla syrup.

The Food

While we were there we were looking over their food menu and decided that everything sounded so amazing we were going to order some food.

I ordered the House Made BLT Sandwich for $16. It was extremely delicious, it was very hardy and it had amazing flavour. They have a house made mustard aioli which really added something extra to the sandwich. 

My wife ordered the French Onion Soup for $11. It was delicious and it had the perfect amount of cheese on the top, meaning they didn’t over do it. The broth was rich and had amazing flavour, the onions were cooked perfectly. The only sad thing is my wife burnt her tongue, which she didn’t mind because it was so delicious.

My daughter ordered the Wild Mushroom and Truffle Butter Toast for $18. She said it was amazing with the mushroom medley that they used, and the peached eggs added such a creaminess to the toast. She only commented that she wished it was hotter. 

The Service

The staff were super friendly and were very open to what we had to say about the coffee which was really nice. They answered all of our questions and made us feel fancy for the short time we were there.

The Hours

Tuesday to Sunday – 9:30am to 5:30pm

Monday – Closed


There is only street parking located all around the cafe and unfortunately it is some of the more expensive in Calgary.

Last Words

We are planning on heading back there in the new year for some delicious beverages and beautiful and amazing food items. I cannot wait to see how they have grew their menu and emerge items. 

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