While driving home we stopped in Revelstoke to check out Main Street Cafe. It was a little busy when we were there but we managed to get a table really quick on the patio. It is in a historic house on main street in downtown Revelstoke.

The Interior

We didn’t really go inside, but my daughter said it was separated like a regular house. You could eat in the living room or the dining room, there were a bunch of tables throughout the area. She said it reminded her of Monki Bistro down in Inglewood, small space with lots of tables.

The Drinks

I ordered a latte for $4.25 and it was good. They use Farm and Forest coffee which we had never heard of before. It had really good flavour.

The Food

We were not overly hungry but we knew we had to eat something. So after looking over the menu we decided.

My wife and I shared the Eggs Any Style for $10 and we added bacon for $3. It was the perfect size for the two of us. The food was really good and not overly heavy as well.

My daughter ordered the Pancakes for $12 with a side of bacon for $3. It was so good, they made the perfect diner pancakes for sure.

The Service

Everyone was so nice and friendly which was great. They service was quick and the food was hot on arrival. Everything we seen coming out to the other tables it all looked so good. 

The Hours

Wednesday to Sunday – 8:00am to 2:00pm


There is only street parking all along the different streets surrounding the house.

Last Words

We will definitely be heading back to the Main Street Cafe for sure since there is so many more food items that we would like to try. I am looking forward to heading back there on our next trip to Vancouver for sure. 

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