We decided to get up early, catch a ferry and head over to Gibsons to check out a couple cool places there. Our first stop right off the ferry was to Molly’s Reach. I am so glad we got there when we did because it seemed like everyone that was on the ferry went there first as well. If you don’t know about Molly’s Reach here is a little backstory… 

“There are Beachcombers fans on every continent. From 1972 until 1990, audiences across Canada and around the world tuned in to watch a quirky comedy-drama unfold in the out-of-the-way town of Gibsons, on the coast of British Columbia. Life was simple there – it revolved around boats, logs, and cups of coffee at a local diner called Molly’s Reach. Nowadays you don’t have to be a beachcomber to eat at Molly’s… the same welcoming atmosphere that put Gibsons on the map.”

This was a show that I watched when I was younger and when we were in Vancouver last time we were talking about heading over to Gibson and this time we were able to come. I was and will forever be a Beachcomber.

The Interior

All over the walls there is memorabilia from the show Beachcomber, there are news articles, pictures, signed pictures, and lines from the show. They have a bunch of tables surrounding the kitchen and coffee bar. It was so nice sitting on the water with the windows being able to open and the flower boxes sitting outside. It was a great experience. 

The Food

After taking in everything around us we decided to order some food.

I ordered the Stacked Breakfast for $13 and it was really good. The bacon and eggs were cooked perfectly and the potatoes were amazing. 

My wife ordered the Holy’s Hash Bowl for $18 and it was really good. It looks small but it was very filling. The potatoes were delicious and they had a ton of meat in this little bowl.

My daughter ordered the Smoked Pork Benny for $17 and she said it really good. She said that she wished it came with toast or potatoes, just something a little extra for that price. She also said that the hollandaise was really good. She was sad that she didn’t get her fruit cup like it said on the menu.

The Service

Everyone working was very friendly and helpful. We only commented that we got our food before our drinks and we had only ordered juice, which we thought was strange. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing.

The Hours

Wednesday to Sunday – 8:00am to 3:00pm


There is only street parking since it is located on a corner in lower Gibsons, thankfully all the parking is free.

Last Words

We will definitely be heading back to Gibsons in the future so we can stop at Molly’s Reach and then see what else Gibson’s has to offer, or just stop here and then catch another ferry to the next island.

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