Today we decided to go and check out a newer cafe that just opened down on 17th AVE SW called Sociality House. They are located in the old Blame Betty building. Which means that they are an old house with the coffee bar on the main floor with a meeting space located upstairs. It is a really cool location for sure.

The Interior

When you walk in the door you are greeted by a “living room” style seating with a bank of seating and a large window. In the middle of the main floor by the stairs is the coffee bar with a small shelving unit with mini market items for sale. In the back of the main floor there are a couple tables, a big comfy chair, and then to the right there was a couple big chairs and a bathroom. Upstairs they have another “living room” style seating area with a couple couches at the front of the house and then followed by a couple tables. At the back of the house they have a big family style table which is centered in the room. It is really beautifully designed. There is a great flow between the rooms and they used each little nook and cranny for showcasing market items for sale. All the furniture located in this location is also for sale, if you are interested then you would just talk to one of the staff members. 

The Drinks

They have a limited menu which is really nice to see, so after looking over the menu we each got a drink.

I ordered a Latte for $5.50 and it was really good. They are using Monogram coffee which is good. I wished it was a little stronger coffee flavour, since I did find it a little weak for my liking.

My wife ordered a London Fog for $5.00 and we were very excited that they use Jagasilk tea. It is the best for London Fogs. This was a very exciting moment for my wife and daughter when they found out.

My daughter ordered a Hot Chocolate for $5.00 and it had really good chocolate flavour. She only commented that she wished it was hotter.

The Service

The staff that worked that day were very friendly and helpful. We asked quite a few questions and they answered each one without hesitation. 

The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 8:30am to 5:00pm (Winter Hours)


Since you are located on 17th AVE SW there is only street parking on either side of the street and you will be paying no matter where you park.

Last Words

If we are down on 17th in and around that area we would definitely stop back in here and grab a beverage while walking around.

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