Today we decided to check out a new place that just opened up just off 17th AVE SW. They are just located off 6th Street. They feature over 20 unique frosting flavours and a variety of decadent toppings. All their products are made with high quality ingredients and are 100% plant-based, dairy and lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free. They were also featured on Shark Tank and backed by Robert Herjavec.

The Interior

When you walk in there is a counter with a couple seats to the right and behind that there is a very long service counter where you can watch them make your hand crafted cinnamon buns. On the left near the end of the counter there is a spot that there will be a couple seats that you can sit and enjoy. It is very bright and smelled absolutely amazing in there. They have their menu quite big behind the counter which was absolutely amazing, this way you can see everything that they offer in one location.

The Food

When we walked in there was such a great smell we got super distracted by how amazing it was in there. The worst part was that my daughter selected what we were getting which means she got a bunch. They have six signature cinnamon buns that we got to try and then we picked up one more. The cinnamon buns we got were;

From Left to Right – Top Row – Old Skool, Cookie Monster, Sparkle Berry
Bottom Row – Tropical Bliss, Campfire Smores, Caramel Apple Pie

Old Skool $5.50

This is their classic cinnamon roll topped with vanilla frosting.

This was a very good basic cinnamon bun that had really great flavour.

Cookie Monster $7.25

This has cream cheese frosting topped with a scoop of homemade cookie dough, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.

This was a good cinnamon bun, but we all wished, even my daughter, that there was a little less cookie dough. It was really overpowering and we couldn’t taste the other flavours. I know that this is just our opinion, but we thought you should know.

Sparkle Berry $6.75

This has chocolate frosting topped with strawberries and sprinkles.

This was a very good cinnamon bun, the chocolate frosting was not over powering which was amazing. The strawberries were fresh and loved the little crunch from the sprinkles. 

Tropical Bliss $7.25

This has raspberry frosting topped with blueberries, bananas and flaked coconut.

This was a very good cinnamon bun, the raspberry frosting seemed a little sweet (to us) and the bananas and blueberries tasted fresh. Unfortunately our bananas turned a little brown since we placed ours in the fridge when we got home. Either way still tasted amazing.

Campfire S’mores $7.25

This has marshmallow frosting topped with graham cracker cookie bits, marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

This was a good cinnamon bun, but we found it a little too sweet for our liking. We didn’t eat it right away so the graham cracker chunks on top went soft and we not a great texture. If you were to get this one, make sure you eat it right away.

Caramel Apple Pie $7.75

This has caramel frosting, fresh sliced apples, pecans, pie crumble and caramel sauce.

This was a very good cinnamon bun, the crunch from the pecans and the combination or fresh apples and caramel was delicious. We would definitely get this one again, but split between the three of us since it is quite filling for sure. It tastes exactly like an apple pie.

The Banff Roll $6.75 (not photographed)

This has coffee frosting topped with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and coffee dust.

This was a good cinnamon bun, but I honestly felt like it was laking coffee flavour. There was coffee frosting and coffee dust and I only got one or two bites of the whole cinnamon bun that I could taste coffee. It was good, but I wish there was more coffee flavouring.

We also ended up purchasing a sample of each of their frosting for the next time we visit we can make our own with whichever toppings we would like to. If you want to make your own it starts at $5.50 and can just go up from there. 

The Service

Everyone working was very friendly and welcoming. We asked a lot of questions and they were able to answer every single one. It is always great when the staff know their product and are excited to be able to sell them. We also ended up purchasing a sample of each of their frosting for the next time we 

The Hours

Sunday to Thursday – 10:00am to 9:00pm

Friday and Saturday – 10:00am to 10:00pm


They are located just off of 17th AVE SW and 6th ST which means that there is no parking on their street. If you don’t mind walking a little you can park anywhere on 17th AVE and walk over. All the parking surrounding this location is paid parking, but it will be totally worth it.

Last Words

We will definitely be visiting again. We want to try any of their new ones that they come out with. On top of their standard Signature Rolls they also have featured rolls. When we visited they had six featured rolls including the Banff Roll that we purchased. It will be great to see what else they can come up with and us being able to make our own combinations. 

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