Ferroro Raffaello Hot Chocolate

“White Chocolate Ganache, Coconut Powder, Marzipan. Topped with Whip Cream and Toasted Almonds.”

Price: $6.95

We were very excited about trying this creation, since their entry from last year really surprised us. We were the first customers of the day that were getting this hot chocolate so it was great to see.

While the guy was making these hot chocolates, he tasted the milk to make sure it was how it should taste. We loved the addition of the toasted almonds and coconut.  It really reminded us of a Ferrero Rocher for sure, smooth inside and crunchy outside.

As a side note, we are not normally fans of chunks in the hot chocolate once the whip melts away, but this time it really worked with the flavours and the esthetic of the drink. Overall we really enjoyed this drink and suggest that if you like Ferroro Rocher then you should go and try this drink.

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