Say Cheeese…cake, Raspberry Cheesecake!

“As a tribute to our infamous in-store made fudge hot chocolate from last year, we wanted to step it up a notch this year! We are taking our best selling fudge flavour and transforming it into a delectable 12 oz hot chocolate. Only at Pixie’s Candy Parlour can you enjoy raspberry cheesecake fudge melted down into a smooth and creamy hot chocolate. Each drink is topped with our cheesecake infused whipped cream, in-store freeze-dried raspberries, crushed graham crackers, with our own raspberry syrup drizzle.”

Price: $6.50

We knew that this hot chocolate was going to be delicious and trust me when we say that it did not disappoint in any sense of the word. With every sip you get the full taste of a Raspberry Cheesecake, it is amazing!

The drink is smooth and creamy with the exact amount of flavour throughout the whole drink. The addition of freeze-dried raspberries is amazing, because as you drink down they slowly get a little rehydrated and by the end you have soft raspberries. A great tart addition to the drink for sure.

We can already tell you, we will be heading back there near the end of the month to get another one of these delicious Raspberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolates!

Honestly, you need to go there, you can also pick up nostalgic candy as well.

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