“A modern, elegant, innovative hot chocolate that every foodie will fall in love with. Cristalli is not only beautiful, the taste is delicious, different, surprising. Made with real, melted chocolate, Cristalli is sweetened with a thick balsamic-brown sugar syrup that our team creates in store. Topped with a fluffy whipped cream, the name of the drink is given by the main decoration : the balsamic candied crystals on top of the cream. Stir all the ingredients together, watch the balsamic crystals melt into the warmness of the chocolate and enjoy a unique tingly, sweet, chocolatey taste. Classy, sassy, very Italian.”

Price: $6.00

We were very excited to try this creation because we were hoping that upon first sip you would be hit in the face with the balsamic flavour, unfortunately we didn’t get any throughout the whole drink. The crystal garnishes were very delicious and crunchy, they had a great brown sugar flavour.

The chocolate was very creamy and thick which was amazing, the whip had great flavour as well. Like we said we do wish that we could have had more balsamic flavour.

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