Cookies & Cream

“Creamy, decadent, white chocolate base with real chocolate cookie crumble makes this a candy car lover’s dream!”

Price: $6.25 for a 12oz, $6.75 for a 16oz

We headed there early this morning to grab one before work and they didn’t disappoint. The drink was very hot and tasted just like an Oreo, or at least what a liquified Oreo would taste like. It was not sweet even though you would think it would be since it is made with white chocolate.

The only part that was not the best was with the last few sips there was cookie crumble chunks that didn’t soften and made it hard to swallow. As we have said before we are not fans of chunks in our drinks. We were also a little sad at the presentation, in the past Rosso has really had beautiful presentation, and sad to say this drink lacked some finesse.

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