Buddy’s Fooman Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

“This rich hot chocolate encapsulates the essence of coziness, of being home nestled in front of a fire with your favourite blanket and a good book. We combined the goodness of chocolate, the warmth of freshly ground cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and topped it off with fresh whip, cinnamon and a Buddy’s Cinnamon Fooman Cookie. Creamy and comforting, it’s a sure cure for the winter blues.”

Price: $5.00

Before I start if you are wondering what a Fooman Cookie is, we did too. “It is a cookie from the northern Gilan province and is often made as a special treat for the Persian New Year. The cookie is traditionally filled with cinnamon and walnuts.”

The drink was delicious and had the perfect amount of cinnamon in it, the cookie was a great addition to the drink. The drink was hot which was great and very creamy. The only comment I would make is to give them a call before heading there to make sure that they are open.

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