Dulce De Leche Spoon Bomb

“Dulce De Leche Hot Chocolate Spoon Bomb is not your average beverage! Get messy with a rimmed cup of dripping creamy Dulce encapsulating some delectable melted chocolate in a cup of rich coffee (or steamed milk). Immerse in the experience of putting your spoon bomb into a steaming cup of Joe (or steamed milk) and watching the fluffy marshmallows pop to the top. Its not only energizing but also a comfort drink. P.S. our to-go cups have a little something special on them too!”

Price: $8.00

The hot chocolate had really good flavour once the spoon bomb was all melted in. It did take a while to melt into the steamed milk which meant that the milk cooled a little more than we would have liked. All the flavours of this hot chocolate blend so perfectly together and also separate. The Dulce around the outside of the mug was really great, it was like they had added salt to it.

The only comment is we wished that they would have done a milkshake since that is what ReGrub is known for. Maybe next year.

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