Yuja White Hot Chocolate

“We decided on crafting a playfully light yet comforting hot chocolate by using a white chocolate and yuja blend topped with in-house whipped cream, chocolate flakes and citrus zest. This drink is presented with French Valrhona yuja feves that provides a silken and distinctive blond chocolate experience while a specialty-made chocolate disk elegantly rounds out the beverage.”

Price: $6.75

This hot chocolate was absolutely refreshing, if I can even call a hot chocolate that. The citrus lemon with the white hot chocolate really makes this an amazing drink. The hot chocolate is outstanding, it is so smooth and all the flavours of the drink blend so perfectly together.

The white chocolate is not sweet at all, the combination of yuja and citrus really blend and make it the perfect delectable drink we have ever had. We can honestly say that this is an absolute tender as one of our favourites for this year.

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