Crema Di Arachidi Cioccolato

“Enjoy our deconstructed version of an Italian hot chocolate made from scratch, featuring fresh, roasted peanuts, hot caramel-peanut sauce, salted peanut and caramel whipped cream and served with a salted caramel éclair roll. This spirited treat will be paired with Cadello 88, a sweet spirit made from 8 Italian ingredients to infuse flavours of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, star anise, vanilla, hazelnut, mint, caramel and toffee.”

Price: $13.00 for spirited, $8.00 for regular

We were really excited to try this hot chocolate this year because last year’s was absolutely delicious. This years was also very good. The combination of all the flavours went together so perfectly. The chocolate was perfect and creamy and with the caramel it was amazing.

The salted peanut and caramel whip was outstanding you could have ate it just by itself. Our alcoholic hot chocolate came with Cadello 88 and Rum Chata so it was a little more boozy than expected. Once everything was mixed together and sat for a couple minutes it really tasted amazing.  

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