Kukuh Xocolatl

“Canela Bakery is now serving an authentic Mayan hot chooclat, Kukuh Xocolatl (coh-coh-sho-ko-laht) that reflects our ethnic roots of our small, local, and family-owned business where Mexican flavours intersect with veganism! Kukuh Xocolatl is an ode to our Mexican origins by using canela (Spanish for cinnamon), corn, and other spices. So feel like a warrior by drinking our authentic Mayan hot chocolate served with a churro as your mixing tool (and bonus snack)!”

Price: $7.25

The churro that you get with this drink is really delicious. When you order this drink you get the choice between three milks, oat, soy and almond, we made ours with oat which made it creamy. The cinnamon was very strong but the oat seemed to tune the cinnamon down a little bit. It says that there is other spices, but all we got when we were drinking this hot chocolate was all cinnamon.

Overall I think that if they tuned down the cinnamon a little this drink would be absolutely amazing and perfect.  

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