Fools Gold

“Step aside Fry’s cocoa, there’s GOLD in ‘dem hills! This thick and creamy ganache based drink with salted caramel tastes so rich that we just had to top it with gold. Each drink is made with dark chocolate ganache by Pretty Sweet, infused with salted caramel, and topped with edible gold glitter.”

Price: $6.50

This is a very chocolatey and creamy hot chocolate, you get a huge burst of chocolate from the ganache. The salted caramel drizzle was absolutely delicious and a great addition to the ganache. There was edible gold glitter on the top that seemed to get all over your lips with every sip that you took.

It is a very creamy hot chocolate with very good flavor and we would suggest that you try this one if you are down around Inglewood.  

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