Pina Colada

“Spend the month of February in the tropics with us! Sip on our pineapple, coconut, white hot chocolate. Garnished with whipped cream, dehydrated pineapple, maraschino cherry and a little umbrella.”

Price: $9.00

Where do I begin with this hot chocolate. Amazing! Outstanding! Fruity! Delicious! Oh My! Just overall an outstanding delicious drink for sure. I definitely feel like I am sitting on a beach somewhere drinking a pina colada. Chef Martina you did a great job being able to combine such difficult flavours and make it something really amazing.

You get the pineapple, the coconut, and a hint of the white chocolate, I cannot believe that someone successfully made a pina colada in hot chocolate form. As it cools you get more coconut which is amazing.

All I have to say, if you want to be lounging on a beach somewhere make sure you head to Brekkie and try this amazing hot chocolate before they are gone. You will not be disappointed. Just wow!

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