Into the Woods

“Immerse yourself with the winter flavours of Balsam Fir and mint with our decadent hot chocolate. This forest inspired drink will definitely remind you of nature’s delightful flavours.”

Price: $7.00

This drink sounded like it was going to taste amazing and honestly it did for one of us and the other didn’t really enjoy it. One of us really got the balsam fir essential oil where the other didn’t get much. It has a very strong chocolate taste for sure. One thing that both of us could agree on was, this is one of the healthiest hot chocolates we have ever had. If you would like to try something unique, then I would head to Light Cellar and try this hot chocolate.

*Disclaimer: one of us ended up having a small allergic reaction so make sure that you have a little sip to see if you have a reaction to anything before finishing this drink fully. Upon reading about the balsam fir essential oil, most people do have reactions to this oil and we read that it shouldn’t be ingested. So please be aware of what is in this drink before you go and try this one.*

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