Campfire Hot Chocolate

“The perfect hot chocolate ignites warmth and connection. Our campfire hot chocolate is inspired by the rich smell of burning firewood and the sticky sweetness of perfectly roasted marshmallows. Pairs perfectly on an outdoor patio with friends.”

Price: $7.00

The first thing you get from this hot chocolate is the smell of the burning wood, it really brings me back to sitting around campfires when I was younger.

This is not an overly sweet hot chocolate like the description says it is and honestly I feel like it is lacking a little chocolate flavour as well. As I drank this hot chocolate I got some sips with what tasted like smoke and others not so much, I am unsure if they used liquid smoke in this drink, but that is the flavour I get and it is very overpowering. I wish it was a little sweeter and maybe that would have toned down whatever I was tasting.

I also wish that they would have used a homemade marshmallow instead of a store bought, it would have really elevated the drink to the next level for sure. Also I think the addition of whip in either a chocolate or a graham flavour would have been a delicious extra touch. Or if there is smoke in the drink, take that out and infused smoke with the whip to add that smokey flavour.

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