Twisted Twix Hot Chocolate

“Elevate your taste buds with our Twisted Twix Hot Chocolate! Made with and creamy chocolate sauce, caramel syrup and the milk of your choice. But wait there’s more! Topped with hand crafted whip cream, caramel drizzle, shortbread cookie crumbs and twix bits.”

Price: $6.75

Let me start by saying that they do not use hand crafted whip, unless that is what canned whip is called now. I have said this many times in the past that it is soooo much better when handmade whip is used. Also I had a big Twix on top with no twix bits, I prefer the big Twix over little pieces.

Other than the whip not being hand crafted, I was not given the choice to change my milk, either way the drink did taste really good. It tasted like a Twix through and through. The last bit of the drink was really sweet and had some chunks of the shortbread that was hard to swallow.

Bike and Brew has always had creative drinks and I was excited to try this one and besides the whip not being homemade I would say that this is a really great hot chocolate. If you love Twix as much as I do, then ride your bike down and try this hot chocolate.

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