Alice in Wonderland Hot Chocolate

“White Raspberry Hot Chocolate served in a teacup with a sugar cookie. (can be made with milk chocolate).”

Price: $6.95

We know that this is not part of the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest but we had to head out to Okotoks and try this amazing creation by our friends at 94 Take the Cake. Every February for their Hot Chocolate Festival we always head out and support this amazing black and white café.  

This year we followed the white rabbit to Wonderland where Alice drinks the potion to become small to make it through the keyed door. This delicious white raspberry hot chocolate comes with a potion sugar cookie and a white chocolate lollipop designed in a Alice in Wonderland themed chocolate that you get to stir in your drink. As you stir it melts and that is the white chocolate for the drink.

We absolutely love the creativity that Sherry brings to each of her drinks every year. If you want to try a delicious hot chocolate or even grab yourself a coffee and a sweet treat, head to Okotoks and visit 94 Take the Cake. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed when you walk into this café.

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