Dark is Dark (I want my baby back)

“We called it “Dark is Dark” but we could as well have called it “Death by Chocolate” or “Chocolate Come”. Grab your friends, sit back and get ready for a trip to chocolateland you will never forget! “Dark is Dark” is THE hot chocolate: it has everything you could dream of: a smooth, thick hot chocolate, a chocolate whipped cream, a dark chocolate sauce, chocolate crispy pearls and a truffle just in case you think that’s not enough chocolate for you. The whole drink and the truffle is made with French Valrhona 70% chocolate. Dark is Dark cannot be made vegan or dairy free. Without the crispy pearl, Dark is Dark is gluten friendly.”

Price: $8.00

Oh my, I was given a spoon with this hot chocolate. It is a very chocolatey drink for sure, it is literally chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. The whip was my favourite part for sure, it was light and fluffy. The drink was thick, but it was still drinkable which was great to see that I didn’t have to use the spoon to eat this hot chocolate.

The truffle was fudgy and delicious, it was also ice cold which was a nice contrast with the hot chocolate. This is another hot chocolate that you should share with someone since it is a very filling hot chocolate as well.

I love chocolate and honestly I found this a little too chocolatey for me. Maybe if the hot chocolate was made with 40-50% Valrhona chocolate and then made the whip with the 70% Valrhona it might have been a little lighter.

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