Strawberry Hot Chocolate

“This drink will remind you of delicious chocolate-covered strawberries but in the form of a hot chocolate that warms your heart and soul. JusFruit is known for using fresh fruits so you can sure we are using real strawberries and top-grade hot chocolate.”

Price: $6.50

The cool thing about this hot chocolate is that you can choose to customize this drink when you order it. You have the choice between white and dark chocolate and then whip or cream cheese foam. So I decided to do white chocolate and cream cheese foam which I believed would make the drink taste like a strawberry cheesecake.

The drink was very good and for sure you can really taste the strawberries because there are chunks of real strawberry throughout the drink. At times it was hard to drink because the chunks of strawberries couldn’t come up through the lid. Otherwise the drink is very good and I would think that if you were to get the dark chocolate and whip it would taste like a chocolate covered strawberry for sure.

If you are down in Kensington and wanted to try a delicious strawberry drink, I would definitely head here and try this one for sure.

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