Please Sir, I Want S’More

“What the world needs now is S’more of the good stuff. S’more laughter with friends, S’more songs around the campfire and S’more delicious nostalgic flavours in our classic award winning hot chocolate. A hand-crafted pillowy marshmallow, sitting atop our smooth and creamy dark hot chocolate, staked high with our famous Oatmeal cookie, and a kiss of rich dark chocolate. So good you’ll want S’more.”

Price: 8oz – $5.00, 12oz – $5.50

First I have to say that I absolutely love that it is a homemade marshmallow and a homemade cookie, it really elevates the drink to the next level for sure. This drink has an amazing chocolate flavour and once you enjoy the cookie, as you sip the drink you get a little bit of marshmallow in every sip because of how it slowly melts into the drink. This is a very good drink, I do wish that it was hotter temperature wise because it didn’t stay hot very long. Also I wish that they would have added some graham cracker flavour to something to really bring in the S’more flavour that much more.

Overall if you are okay to drive all the way, then I would definitely go and try this drink for sure.  

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