Tres Leches Hot Chocolate

“Inspired by a traditional Colombian dessert, an indulgent white hot chocolate, combined with three different milks, creating a decadent dessert in a cup. Garnished with whipped cream and vanilla sponge cake.”

Price: $5.35

Let me start off by saying that we found this drink a little sweet for our liking, we also found that the nutmeg was a little strong on the top. If they had put cinnamon instead it might have been better, or less strong. Dipping the lady finger in the hot chocolate was a cool interactive way of adding flavour and enjoying the hot chocolate a different way. We had made a comment that the milks seemed to separate a little because the flavours didn’t blend as well as we had hoped. The drink had good flavour and used real whip which was awesome in our books. It really added a good vanilla flavour to the drink. Overall this was a good drink and we hope that if you are down in Kensington you will stop in and try this one.  

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