The Rosemary & Sea Salt Hot Chocolate

“4oz milk (can be made with alternatives), 1.5 oz syrup, whip cream (can be made without whipped cream), powder garnish. Add 1oz Forty Creek Bourbon for a boozy option.”

Price: Small $4.00, Medium $6.00, Large $8.00, Spirited $13.00

When you smell this hot chocolate you can smell the rosemary even before you take a sip. When you do take a sip you get the rosemary right away, then chocolate, we found it missing the salt a little. We don’t know where it was in the drink, but we didn’t the salt in either of the drinks we had purchased.

The flavours really blended together nicely and nothing overpowered the other which was great. We almost wondered if they would have made the hot chocolate more of a salted chocolate and then infused the whip with the rosemary, how would that have tasted. We both just really wondered where the salt was in the drink. We were missing the salt.

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