Mr. Mint Sparkle

“We accept the challenge of Mr. Mint Sparkle. We begin with our signature rick dark chocolate base, and add a peppermint infused white chocolate ganache, finished with whipped cream and a peppermint drizzle.”

Price: $6.00

This hot chocolate has really good mint flavour throughout the hot chocolate for sure. It is a thicker hot chocolate but has really good flavour. We were sad that they used canned whip, but we are aware that it is quicker and easier. We would have liked to see maybe a white chocolate infused whip or a mint whip would have been nice on the top of this hot chocolate.

The peppermint drizzle on top of the whip was delicious, it had a nice cooling effect in the first few sips before the whip completely melted into the drink. We didn’t buy the cookie to put it on the cup, but we did in the past and it is quite delicious.

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