“Experience the most serendipitous of moments at Pharm Drugstore, with our frozen hot chocolate – ‘The Serendipity’. Inspired by the movie itself, your luck will find you in our treasured shop sipping the bliss of one of our most popular smoothie drinks. Come and make the most delicious discovery as you indulge in the magic that is… Serendipity.”

Price: $9.00

This frozen hot chocolate is absolutely delicious. Very chocolatey and creamy, plus we love the fact that they upgraded one of their current smoothie options to make this drink. It is a very healthy drink in that it has chocolate almond milk, avocado, cocoa powder, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, honey and hemp chocolate protein… all those flavours make a delicious frozen hot chocolate. Sadly they did use canned whip, I wish that they could have done an avocado whip or vanilla whip or something like that to really push this drink over the edge of aweseomeness.

If you are heading out to try Our Daily Brett’s hot chocolate, Pharm is located just two doors down on the front of the building. You won’t regret it.

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