Nuts and Berries

“Steamy hot chocolate, raspberry syrup, hazelnut syrup, hazelnut whipped cream, and raspberry dust.”

Price: $10.00 or Spirited $14.00

Upon first sip you get a subtle hazelnut flavour which is amazing, we would prefer subtle than in your face. You really don’t get much of the raspberry flavour until the very end and then it is almost too strong that you cannot drink it. We wish it was more mixed in with the drink than just put at the bottom. The whip has a really nice subtle hazelnut flavour as well, we were happy to see that they made the whip and it was not from a can. Maybe they could have done the whip with raspberry and then had a hazelnut drizzle or vis versa so that the raspberry was not overly powerful like it is at the bottom of this drink.

We found it to be a small hot chocolate for the price you pay, as well it seems very expensive for a hot chocolate that is made with chocolate milk. This is the most expensive drink thus far and we feel like this drink shouldn’t be this expensive for a non-alcohol drink.

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