Bullet Oil Hot Chocolate

“Keep calm it’s back! Imagine a smooth n’ creamy cup of hot chocolate milk filled with rich n’ velvety Bullet Oil that is nourishing and delicious. The Bullet Oil is our secret homemade with love recipe consisting of organic coconut oil, organic cocoa with a hint of Saigon cinnamon. We top the hot chocolate off with homemade chocolate whip cream, semi-sweet chocolate drizzle and a dash of cinnamon. We believe this drink is best with chocolate milk, but it is also quite tasty with the five different milk alternatives we offer. The Bullet Oil Hot Chocolate will capture a new taste bud in your palate. See you in the shop!”

Price: Small $4.55, Medium $5.45, Large $5.95

This hot chocolate tastes exactly like a liquid bounty (the coconut chocolate bar). It has great flavour and the coconut is amazing. The chocolate whip has really good flavour and is the perfect addition to this drink. The cinnamon was a little strong on first sip then we got none until the very end when it had all settled to the bottom of the drink. It is a very smooth hot chocolate and we know that it is very good for you as well. 

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