Mini Donut Bacon Hot Chocolate

“We know, we know: We had you at Mini Donut and what you see in the picture is what you get. That’s right, not one, but two all-time favourite mini donuts to accompany the most flavourful and delicious mini donut hot chocolate to take you spiritually to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Our Mini Donut flavouring was created by TEAM Bullet two years ago when all of YYC was craving that midway bag of mini donuts. Now we are sharing our sinful creation in a cup with you, BUT wouldn’t it be better with bacon and whip cream? Top it off with REAL bacon and REAL whip cream, and walk out with breakfast. “Well, everything tastes better with bacon” – Team Bullet (bacon is optional for those with dietary concerns) Here’s to drinking and eating Mini Donuts, the best way we know-how. Yee-haw!”

Price: Small $5.25, Medium $6.15, Large $6.85

This is a very fun hot chocolate with the mini donuts on top for sure. We wish that they used real whip and not canned, it would have added another level to this hot chocolate. The donut really tasted fresh and were really good as well. The bacon was real bacon, which is awesome and not using the fake bacon. The caramel is a delicious addition to the hot chocolate mixed with the bacon and chocolate. All the flavours of the hot chocolate combined perfectly. It is a very good hot chocolate.   

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