Bourbon Hug

“You know that awesome warm feeling in your chest you get when you take a drink of your favourite bourbon? Well, that is a Bourbon Hug! This year’s recipe is a modern take on this great spirited hot chocolate. House-made dark chocolate syrup and salted caramel are steamed to perfection with milk and cream (or dairy alternatives) and finished with our signature roasted house-made vanilla marshmallow, caramel drizzle and salt flakes. The perfect combination of sweet and salty.”

Price: $14.00

Oh My! This is their second entry for this hot chocolate fest and it is equally as delicious. They use the highest quality bourbon that blends so nice with their dark chocolate. Taking a sip form this hot chocolate it just warms you from head to toe, just like someone giving you a hug. The vanilla house-made marshmallow is absolutely delicious and a great addition to this hot chocolate. We loved the added salt flakes on the marshmallow to add a salty aspect. If you are heading here to try their Orange Kiss, you need to try this hot chocolate for sure. 

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