Orange Kiss

“A delicious combination of crisp orange and decadent rich chocolate. Our house-made dark chocolate syrup, steamed with milk (or dairy alternatives) and real orange then taken to the next level with candied orange syrup will please your taste buds. Topped with a dried candied orange and an orange flavoured house-made marshmallow, roasted right in front of you and finished with golden dust! Enjoy this luxurious combo in a cup at KRISTI!”

Price: $7.75

Oh My! This hot chocolate is absolutely delicious, you get a flavour similar to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The orange is amazing, it’s not subtle which is great, since dark chocolate is a strong flavour you need something equally as strong and the orange is perfect for that. The orange marshmallow is a great addition to this hot chocolate, but to our surprise that is not where the majority of the orange flavour comes from. We would love to tell you, but you will just have to take our word for it, it is so cool and you would never guess what it is from. You need to go and try this delicious Orange Hot Chocolate before its too late. 

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