I Want S’More

“Inspired by our love for all things cozy, comforting and whimsical – Busker Irish Whiskey, house made Nutella hot chocolate, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow drizzle topped with a torched marshmallow – It doesn’t get much more comforting than that! And will definitely leave you wanting S’more!”

Price: $8.00, Spirited $14.00

We were excited to see S’mores, but we didn’t fully read and later found out that it is a Nutella based drink. Let me start by saying that we are not huge fans of Nutella. So this was not the hot chocolate for us. The lady that made it was very nice and friendly, but the drink was not our favourite. If you love Nutella this is the drink for you. The canned whip and store bought marshmallows was a very sad moment for us, since we love when cafes make their own form scratch. The hot chocolate itself was creamy and had a very strong Nutella flavour. So like I said at the beginning this is not for us since we don’t like Nutella, but if you love Nutella you will love this drink.

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