“When given the opportunity to create a drink to benefit Meals on Wheel, we knew it had to be the best. What better to use than the king of nuts! The all mighty pistachio. Each shell kissed by god before being turned into our vanilla bean pistachio syrup. We take the best chocolate syrup that Sysco has to offer and steam it with Canadian 2% milk, with the option to substitute oat or soy milk. Lots of hot chocolate comes with whip cream, but this being the best of the best, we have made a whip with a little but of marshmallow to bring some richness to the beverage. We top it with a crumble of the glorious pistachio, with a masa based gluten free cookie on the side. You’re welcome to have it as non-alcoholic hot chocolate, but the winter is long and cold in Calgary and we could all use a little bit more spirit to get us through. We add a little bit of dark rum and green chartreuse to tie it all together. Come give it a try..”

Price: $6.00, Spirited $12.00

This hot chocolate has a delicious pistachio flavour throughout the whole drink. We loved the homemade whip topped with dulce, it really added a delicious sweetness to the salty of the pistachio. We really liked that the hot chocolate was not overly sweet and not overly salty, but a perfectly balanced between the two flavours. We agreed that it had the perfect amount of pistachio on the top that steeped into the hot chocolate. You get the hint of vanilla bean pistachio syrup throughout the drink which is amazing. If you love pistachio as much as we do, then you need to head down and try this hot chocolate for sure.  

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