Kirsch Noir

“Dutch pressed cocoa powder, nutmeg, cinnamon hot chocolate with a drizzle of cherry kirsch syrup, topped with cherry whipped Chantilly cream and a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings garnished with a wedge of house made black forest gateau with a cherry on top!”

Price: $15.00, Spirited $18.00

Let me start off by saying how disappointed I was with this drink. I am fully aware that this is their first year participating, but I wanted to make sure they knew the feedback on their drink. I was the most excited about trying this creation based on the picture and the flavour combination. When the drink was placed in front of me I was shocked, it looked nothing like the picture, this was the ultimate ‘what’s going on?’ (Above is the picture of the expectation and what I received.) The hot chocolate supposedly had chocolate liquor, but unfortunately I didn’t taste any of that. The cake had the kirsch syrup, but unfortunately I didn’t taste any of that either. The only thing that had really good flavour was the Chantilly cream and the raspberry drizzle on top. 

When I asked the lady if they had made a change in the design of the drink, she said they had. I said that they should have posted because people see the photo on the website and expect to get that drink and not something different. If I knew that they had made the biggest change to this drink, I don’t know if I would have come to try it. You sell drinks based on flavour description and the picture, so if I would have read what I did and seen the picture I don’t know what I would have tried this one. 

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