Black Forest Hot Chocolate

“Who says dessert should be served on a plate? We choose to put it in a cup. Come and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate inspired by a classic dessert. The perfect blend of maraschino cherries with the lushes taste of chocolate, spiked with Amaretto, and topped with whip cream and chocolate shavings. This one will take you deep into the Black Forest.”

Price: Spirited $12.00

This is a very beautiful hot chocolate, when it came out it looked exactly like the photo. Absolutely amazing. I was so thrilled to see exactly what I saw on the website. The hot chocolate is spiked with Amaretto which was a nice addition to the chocolate. The flavour of the hot chocolate is exactly like a slice of black forest. I did start to lose the cherry flavour half way through the drink which was very sad, I wish it was all throughout the drink. Other than the missing cherry, the drink was absolutely delicious and amazing.  

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