Triple Sin Hot Chocolate

“Named after the famous Triple Sin cookie, this devilishly delicious hot chocolate will tempt you three times with its dark chocolate sauce, white chocolate drizzle over whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkle toppings! If that’s not enough, there’s also a chocolate bar garnish on top of every drink.”

Price: $6.75

I found myself excited to go and try this hot chocolate since I have absolutely loved all of their creations in the past. Unfortunately, this hot chocolate let me down, it was very basic and not crazy inventive I found.  I was looking for the creative and interesting flavours that they were known for but they didn’t deliver this time around.

It seemed like a basic hot chocolate with a cool mini chocolate bar garnish.

Ingredients : Dark Chocolate sauce, steamed milk, whipped cream, white chocolate drizzle, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate bar garnish

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