Nanaimo Cream

“Inspired by Canada’s own dessert, the Nanaimo Bar, we bring you Rosso’s take on this classic in hot chocolate form! Rosso’s Nanaimo Cream is created from a white hot chocolate base with added notes of graham cracker and vanilla custard. We top it off with a luxurious chocolate whipped cream, garnished with toasted coconut flakes.”

Price: $6.75

Upon first sip of this hot chocolate, we found it was very sweet and we didn’t get a lot of the Nanaimo flavour. We didn’t find any graham cracker or vanilla custard tastes, which was slightly disappointing.

We did find that as the drink cooled a little it did taste a little more like a Nanaimo Bar for sure.

Ingredients : Milk, white chocolate sauce, dark chocolate sauce, whipping cream, coconut flakes, vanilla powder.

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