Smoky Turtle Cheesecake

“As we started brainstorming we realized that we all love chocolate, caramel, and cheesecake so having these items in drink form was very exciting.”

Price: $6.99

We were very excited about trying this creation since their entry from last year really surprised us. We were the first customers of the day that were getting this hot chocolate so it was great to see.

The ganache for this hot chocolate had the perfect smoke smell but wasn’t overpowering in any sense of the way. We were so happy that we were able to get each and every flavour of this hot chocolate in each sip. The caramel worked perfectly with the ganache and it had the perfect saltiness from the smoked pecans.

If you love Turtles, this is definitely the drink for you to go and try. Absolutely amazing!

Ingredients : smoky dark chocolate ganache, buttery caramel sauce, whip cream, smoked pecans and graham waffer

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