Caramel Wagon Wheel

“This year’s Bullet hot chocolate creation is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Enjoy our classic throwback with the Wagon Wheel Biscuit you grew up with combined with The Bullet’s rich and creamy caramel hot chocolate. While you sip from the graham crumb caramel lined rim you’ll be delighted with the caramel-to-chocolate ratio steamed milk pleasantly followed by vanilla-infused whip cream, salted toffee crunchy bits, caramel drizzle garnished with the ultimate sweet snack we all know and love, the Original Wagon Wheel Biscuit. Don’t forget to DUNK! We highly recommend dunking the Wagon Wheel while you enjoy your caramel wagon wheel. The layered soft cookies sandwiched around marshmallow with a delicious chocolatey outside make the ideal finishing touch to this sensational hot chocolate creation.”

Price: $6.25

OH MY! This is such a creative, interactive, and delicious drink. Natalie and her team really knocked this drink out of the park. The flavour combination is absolutely amazing. We were so happy that when you dunked the wagon wheel in the whip it really tasted like ice cream, it was amazing! The crumb around the rim was finger-licking good and we mean finger-licking, it was awesome! The flavours of this drink are absolutely amazing and really blend well together. We highly encourage you to go and try this drink for yourself and you will completely understand everything we are saying. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Ingredients : Chocolate milk, salted caramel syrup, caramel sauce, real whipped cream, skor bits, graham crumbs, original wagon wheel biscuits

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