Schwarzwälder Cherry Bomb

“Like other German desserts the decadent balance of tart and soft sweetness are the main achievements of the Schwarzwälder Cherry Bomb. The cherries are the star here. We reduce sour cherries with the floral brightness of kirsch (cooking off the alcohol) which turns into the perfect pairing for dark chocolate and a full-fat milk base. It gets topped with fluffy Chantilly whipped cream, cake crumbs and cherry compote. If you are feeling frisky add Kirsch and a brandied cherry to make it more fun. It will be very difficult to leave any of this drink behind!”

Price: $7.50 (non-alcoholic)

I love anything that is black forest flavoured so I was excited to try this one. You definitely get the flavours of Black Forest, but I wish it had more of the cherry flavour. It was very good with a rich chocolate flavour. The best part was the cherries that fell through the Chantilly cream at the bottom of the drink, they soaked up a bunch of the chocolate and they were absolutely delicious.

Ingredients : Dark Chocolate, cherry reduction (kirsch, sour cherries, tart cherry juice), toasted milk powder, whole milk, Chantilly cream, macerated cherries, gluten-free chocolate cake crumble

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