Blume Hot Chocolate Float

“Hot chocolate or ice cream? Why not both? That’s why we put them together in this delicious creamy float. Whether you eat the ice cream right away or let it melt into the drink you can’t go wrong with this tasty treat.”

Price: $7.00

I was super excited to try this hot chocolate since their cold chocolate from last year was delicious, plus when I saw it this year I honestly thought it was cold chocolate again. Unfortunately, this year is a hot drink, which is not bad. My drink was made with Oat milk which made the drink very oaty since the ice cream was oat as well.   

The only thing about this drink was that I found it a little gritty and I believe it is from the Reishi mix used in it.

Ingredients : Blume Reishi Hot Chocolate, Oat Smores Ice Cream, Milk of Choice, Raw Honey, Whipped Coconut Cream, Chocolate Wafer, Dark Chocolate Shavings

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