Coconut White Hot Chocolate

“Analog was looking to create something that is equal parts sweet, approachable, and satiating with this hot chocolate. The subtle character of the white chocolate kissed by a punch of coconut is what we are proud to be presenting to our customers and new and old for the 2023 YYC Hot Chocolate Festival. Customers can expect a drink that is warming, perfectly sweet, and unlike any of our past offerings. Come by and give it a try.”

Price: $6.50 (12oz)

This drink has coconut flavour through and through for sure. With each and every sip you get the coconut. I am sad that they used canned coconut whip instead of making their own, it would have elevated the drink that much more if they made their own. Other than that this drink was very good and I quite enjoyed the coconut flavour through the whole drink.

Ingredients : Coconut Syrup, White Chocolate Sauce, Steamed Milk, Coconut Whipped Cream, and Dark Chocolate Shavings

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