Let’s Get Fizzy

“Let’s Get Fizzy is a playful fusion of the rich creamy taste of white chocolate, a citrus Prosecco* kick (1oz) which perfectly complements the fruity zest of homemade raspberry yuzu syrup. It is then topped off with a VERY unique homemade prosecco-infused whipped cream, and a garnish of raspberry powder. You really could say that this hot chocolate is “prosccond to none .”

Price: $11.00 (contains alcohol)

THIS DRINK IS OUTSTANDING! It is so creative and the flavours blend so perfectly together. The slight raspberry flavour and prosecco that you get from every sip, oh my it is so good. These are the drinks that make me happy to try because it is so creative. The way that they actually made prosecco work in this drink, who knew that you could turn prosecco into syrup and whipped cream. I know it sounds crazy, but you need to go and try this drink!

Ingredients : White Chocolate, Prosecco (1oz), Homemade Raspberry Yuzu Syrup, Homemade Prosecco Whipped Cream, Raspberry Powder

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