Hot Chocolate Toast Crunch

Remembering our early childhoods, we recall the many stressful mornings before school; our groggy eyes being blinded by the bright bedroom lights as we struggled with leaving our warm blankets. We stumbled down the stairs, lugging our backpacks behind us grumpily. The only thing that fixed the disaster that was the early morning was breakfast. We’ve all had that experience of eating our cereal too quick and being left with a bowl of milk to chug as we rush to meet the bus at the end of the driveway. While most cereals left a faint flavour to the milk, our personal favourite cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) added a rich cinnamon flavour to the milk we happily drank every time. Now given the chance to capture that youthful delight, we hope you may also experience this childhood sensation once again.”

Price: $7.99

I am glad to see a new café participating this year, but their drink lacked the cinnamon toast crunch flavour. I am missing the cinnamon flavour throughout the whole drink. The only part that was cinnamon toast crunch was the cereal bits on top. I would have enjoyed this drink a lot more if they had used cinnamon cereal milk for the drink, it would have added a lot more of the cinnamon flavour throughout the drink for sure.

Ingredients : Hot chocolate powder (coco powder, sugar, fudge, dark chocolate syrup), cinnamon sugar (brown sugar, ground cinnamon), milk, whip cream, cinnamon toast crunch

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