Cassini’s Grand Finale

This hot chocolate is a tribute to the most successful exploration mission to Saturn that ended with the brave little Cassini robotics spacecraft sacrificing itself for science. In Cassini’s Grand Finale, the 20-year mission ends with the orbiter plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere, eliminating the possibility of contaminating Saturn’s moon Enceladus, as it is a good candidate to host extraterrestrial life in our solar system. Now you can “sacrifice” yourself for science and plunge into a rich salted caramel hot chocolate adorned with malted chocolate spheres representing Cassini’s discovery of six new moons and a salted caramel pretzel celebrating the exquisite imagery of Saturn’s rings made possible by this revolutionary mission.”

Price: $6.95

This hot chocolate is very creative in the sense that children will love it. I quite enjoyed how the top looked and I really liked the story behind the drink. I only found that the hot chocolate was basic, it had good salted caramel flavouring, but nothing too crazy. If you have children I would definitely check this place out because they will love this drink for sure.

Ingredients : Custom salted caramel chocolate sauce, whole milk, whipping cream, slated caramel chocolate pretzel, malted chocolate balls, chocolate shavings, skor bits, and cocoa powder

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