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Analog Coffee

Coconut White Hot Chocolate

“Analog was looking to create something that is equal parts sweet, approachable, and satiating with this hot chocolate. The subtle character of the white chocolate kissed by a punch of coconut is what we are proud to be presenting to our customers and new and old for the 2023 YYC Hot Chocolate Festival. Customers can expect a drink that is warming, perfectly sweet, and unlike any of our past offerings. Come by and give it a try.”

Price: $6.50 (12oz)

This drink has coconut flavour through and through for sure. With each and every sip you get the coconut. I am sad that they used canned coconut whip instead of making their own, it would have elevated the drink that much more if they made their own. Other than that this drink was very good and I quite enjoyed the coconut flavour through the whole drink.

Ingredients : Coconut Syrup, White Chocolate Sauce, Steamed Milk, Coconut Whipped Cream, and Dark Chocolate Shavings

Element Cafe

Let’s Get Fizzy

“Let’s Get Fizzy is a playful fusion of the rich creamy taste of white chocolate, a citrus Prosecco* kick (1oz) which perfectly complements the fruity zest of homemade raspberry yuzu syrup. It is then topped off with a VERY unique homemade prosecco-infused whipped cream, and a garnish of raspberry powder. You really could say that this hot chocolate is “prosccond to none .”

Price: $11.00 (contains alcohol)

THIS DRINK IS OUTSTANDING! It is so creative and the flavours blend so perfectly together. The slight raspberry flavour and prosecco that you get from every sip, oh my it is so good. These are the drinks that make me happy to try because it is so creative. The way that they actually made prosecco work in this drink, who knew that you could turn prosecco into syrup and whipped cream. I know it sounds crazy, but you need to go and try this drink!

Ingredients : White Chocolate, Prosecco (1oz), Homemade Raspberry Yuzu Syrup, Homemade Prosecco Whipped Cream, Raspberry Powder

Element Cafe

The Heart of Gold

“The Heart of Gold is a warm and playful fusion of the rich buttery caramel flavour of gold chocolate, the smooth taste of homemade caramelized honey butter syrup, and paired with a savoury twist of smoked peppercorn & black hawaiian sea salt. It is then topped off with homemade Dulce de Leche whipped Cream, a homemade apricot coulis drizzle, and a garnish of edible gold glitter. The Heart of Gold is dedicated to you, our abso-friggen-lutely stellar local community that makes Calgary the amazing city that it is. And with part of the proceeds going directly towards Calgary Meals On Wheels, let’s go out there and make a difference 💛.”

Price: $6.50

Oh my, this drink is so delicious. You get every aspect of the flavours. The homemade Apricot Coulis really takes the show for this hot chocolate. With the smoked peppercorn and black Hawaiian sea salt, you get a slight hint of it after every sip which is amazing. Gives each sip a peppery kick. This drink is definitely one you need to go and try for sure.

Ingredients : Gold Chocolate, Homemade Caramelized Honey Butter Syrup, Smoked Peppercorn & Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Homemade Dulce De Leche Whipped Cream, Homemade Apricot Coulis, Drizzle Edible Gold Glitter

Paradigm Spark

Orange Chocolate Delight

“One of my favourite candies is chocolate-covered candied orange peel. We made it in liquid form. Great balance between sweetness and citrus notes. You can enjoy it with or without espresso.”

Price: $8.25 (without espresso)

This drink has an orange flavour throughout the whole drink which is great because sometimes you get drinks like this and the orange flavour disappears with the strength of the chocolate. Once finishing this drink, I realized that it is very similar to the drink that they had for last year’s festival, which is fine since this is delicious. It is also a very pretty drink.

Ingredients : Chocolate, Orange Juice, Demerara syrup, steamed milk, espresso (optional)

Canela Vegan Bakery and Cafe

The Vegan Camper’s Dream

“We created “The Vegan Camper’s Dream” that is reminiscent of a camping snackable delight that is largely inaccessible to vegans. Using our in-house cocoa mix and a dollop of Lotus Biscoff Creamy Spread for our base, we create a rich and flavourful steamy hot chocolate drink. Once the drink is topped off with a generous amount of vegan whipped cream, we roast a large house-made vegan marshmallow to add to the top of the whipped cream. Once roasted, we add a sprinkle of Lotus Biscoff Cookie Crumbs and a full-sized Lotus Biscoff Cookie to the topside of the drink. The Vegan Camper’s Dream fulfills the three qualifications for a s’more: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers (we replaced with something better *wink wink*).”

Price: $7.00

I was excited to try this drink since I am a huge fan of Smores. This drink is absolutely delicious, you get every flavour of a s’more in this drink, and the oat milk makes it much more creamy which is delicious. The flavour combination of the Biscoff cookie and creamy spread added a great “graham” flavour to the drink. Everything about this drink is really good. You don’t have to be Vegan to enjoy this drink!

Ingredients : Oat Milk, in-house cocoa mix, Lotus Biscoff Creamy Spread, Vegan Whipped Cream, Lotus Biscoff Cookie, Lotus Biscoff Cookie Crumbs, Vegan chocolate sprinkles, in-house toasted vegan marshmallow

The Bullet Coffee House

Caramel Wagon Wheel

“This year’s Bullet hot chocolate creation is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Enjoy our classic throwback with the Wagon Wheel Biscuit you grew up with combined with The Bullet’s rich and creamy caramel hot chocolate. While you sip from the graham crumb caramel lined rim you’ll be delighted with the caramel-to-chocolate ratio steamed milk pleasantly followed by vanilla-infused whip cream, salted toffee crunchy bits, caramel drizzle garnished with the ultimate sweet snack we all know and love, the Original Wagon Wheel Biscuit. Don’t forget to DUNK! We highly recommend dunking the Wagon Wheel while you enjoy your caramel wagon wheel. The layered soft cookies sandwiched around marshmallow with a delicious chocolatey outside make the ideal finishing touch to this sensational hot chocolate creation.”

Price: $6.25

OH MY! This is such a creative, interactive, and delicious drink. Natalie and her team really knocked this drink out of the park. The flavour combination is absolutely amazing. We were so happy that when you dunked the wagon wheel in the whip it really tasted like ice cream, it was amazing! The crumb around the rim was finger-licking good and we mean finger-licking, it was awesome! The flavours of this drink are absolutely amazing and really blend well together. We highly encourage you to go and try this drink for yourself and you will completely understand everything we are saying. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Ingredients : Chocolate milk, salted caramel syrup, caramel sauce, real whipped cream, skor bits, graham crumbs, original wagon wheel biscuits

Our Daily Brett Market and Cafe

Schwarzwälder Cherry Bomb

“Like other German desserts the decadent balance of tart and soft sweetness are the main achievements of the Schwarzwälder Cherry Bomb. The cherries are the star here. We reduce sour cherries with the floral brightness of kirsch (cooking off the alcohol) which turns into the perfect pairing for dark chocolate and a full-fat milk base. It gets topped with fluffy Chantilly whipped cream, cake crumbs and cherry compote. If you are feeling frisky add Kirsch and a brandied cherry to make it more fun. It will be very difficult to leave any of this drink behind!”

Price: $7.50 (non-alcoholic)

I love anything that is black forest flavoured so I was excited to try this one. You definitely get the flavours of Black Forest, but I wish it had more of the cherry flavour. It was very good with a rich chocolate flavour. The best part was the cherries that fell through the Chantilly cream at the bottom of the drink, they soaked up a bunch of the chocolate and they were absolutely delicious.

Ingredients : Dark Chocolate, cherry reduction (kirsch, sour cherries, tart cherry juice), toasted milk powder, whole milk, Chantilly cream, macerated cherries, gluten-free chocolate cake crumble

The Pharm Drugstore

Blume Hot Chocolate Float

“Hot chocolate or ice cream? Why not both? That’s why we put them together in this delicious creamy float. Whether you eat the ice cream right away or let it melt into the drink you can’t go wrong with this tasty treat.”

Price: $7.00

I was super excited to try this hot chocolate since their cold chocolate from last year was delicious, plus when I saw it this year I honestly thought it was cold chocolate again. Unfortunately, this year is a hot drink, which is not bad. My drink was made with Oat milk which made the drink very oaty since the ice cream was oat as well.   

The only thing about this drink was that I found it a little gritty and I believe it is from the Reishi mix used in it.

Ingredients : Blume Reishi Hot Chocolate, Oat Smores Ice Cream, Milk of Choice, Raw Honey, Whipped Coconut Cream, Chocolate Wafer, Dark Chocolate Shavings

Boogie’s Burger

Flan Solo’s Hoth Chocolate

“Boogie’s ultimate Canadian answer to hot drinks when it’s hot outside… cold cocoa when the weather gets frosty! A cocoa made to adjust your taste buds to the cold! A delicious blend of our house-made salted caramel hot chocolate syrup is added to our classic milkshake mix topped off with whipped cream, chocolate shaving and a maraschino cherry. Kick up your internal heat with some spiced rum and Frangelico.”

Price: $8.50 (non-alcohol)

As our second frozen chocolate of the day, this had some really good salted caramel flavouring throughout the whole drink. I am very happy to see that more and more places are doing cold chocolates instead of hot chocolates. Boogie’s has always done milkshakes and their one from a few years ago was amazing this year they didn’t disappoint at all.  

Ingredients : Boogie’s salted caramel hot chocolate syrup, milkshake mix, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a maraschino cherry