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Orange Blossom Bliss

“A rich and creamy vegan chocolat chaud. Made with decadent French soy-free dark chocolate, organic coconut milk, orange blossom, and clove marshmallow.”

Price: $8.00

This was a very delicious and creamy hot chocolate. Being made with the oat and coconut milk really made it creamy and smooth. The orange blossom falvour was subtle which was nice. The candied orange on top was delicious. We ate one and left one in the drink. The clove marshmallow was small, a little too clovey for our liking, but very good.  

Overall if you didn’t know this was a completely vegan drink, you wouldn’t even know. It was really delicious and we would deem it a must try for sure.


Ten Degrees Cinful Hot Chocolate

“The TEN Degrees Cinful Hot Chocolate is created using our house-made 50% Dark Milk Cinnamon Bun Chocolate, finished with a cream cheese whipped topping, a cinnamon churro, and a TEN Degrees Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Square… the perfect cinnamon bun in a cup!”

Price: roughly between $8.00 to $8.50

Thank you to our friends Mitch and Nora for going to try this hot chocolate and letting us know how it was. This post is written from the information given to us.

This hot chocolate had a delicious subtle cinnamon bun taste to it, it was not overpowering which was really great. The churro was amazing, especially when dipped into the cream cheese whip. The little chocolate square that comes with the drink had a really good cinnamon taste to it. It was also a really smooth hot chocolate.

The only comment we had was that there was a little bit of chocolate that was built up at the bottom of the cup, almost like it didn’t melt all the way through.  


Tirimisu Hot Chocolate

“White and dark hot chocolate with a splash of espresso, a layer of cream cheese foam, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. Finished off with a lady’s finger.”

Price: $5.95 Medium, $6.75 Large

Thank you to our friends Mitch and Nora for going to try this hot chocolate and letting us know how it was. This post is written from the information given to us.

This hot chocolate tasted exactly like a tirimisu, the cream cheese whip was a delicious addition to this drink. They recommended that we dip the lady finger in the drink to make it softer and it really was amazing. The drink was really good with the splash of espresso.

If you like tirimisu this is hot chocolate for you!


Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

“Delicious chocolate with a hint of cinnamon topped with Cheese Cake infused whip, cheese cake chunks, crème de cassis macerated sour cherry and cherry juice drizzle.”

Price: $6.50

Let me just start out that we are very disappointed about this hot chocolate. We had high expectations because the one last year was really delicious and amazing.

First, it was not hand-made, they used a machine to make it (similar to the one you see at Tim Hortons). When we asked why they were not hand-making these drinks the staff were not very friendly and just said that they make a ton a day. We know of businesses participating in this YYC Hot Chocolate Festival making over 100 a day and each are hand-made, so sorry that is no excuse.

Next, it really didn’t taste like a cheesecake at all. We found it tasted more like a cinnamon crumble, we didn’t get the cherry or the cheesecake at all. There were chunks of “cheesecake” in the drink which didn’t add any flavour or anything. Plus, we are not ones for chunks in our hot chocolates, so this was a huge turn off for us.

Lastly, the drink didn’t look pretty at all which was really sad. When we removed the lid, the whip had melted in and it almost looked like the drink had curdled.

We just want to comment, that yes this is for charity and we feel like you should be friendly and try to make a quality hand-made drink that tastes and looks good as well.  


Heat Wave

“A hot twist to a classic cold Spanish drink with an added *zing* of spicy heat. Think ‘sweet, cinnamon with a pinch of cayenne’ – it will warm you up.”

Price: $5.00

This hot chocolate has a great kick of heat when you first take a drink. The cayenne hits you in the face, it is amazing, with the combination of the chocolate it melds so perfectly. It is a perfect drink to warm you up on a cold day. Once it cooled a little, the spice calmed down a little, but the spice was still there which was really nice.

If you like the spicier hot chocolate then make sure you head down to Bridgeland and try this one.


Stampede Mini Donut Hot Chocolate

“Chocolaty, cinnamon sugar, vanilla flavour profile… will have you longing for the real deal… good news… this scrumptious hot chocolate is topped with 2 of the famed mini donuts, vanilla whip and dusting of cinnamon sugar.”

Price: $6.10

This hot chocolate tastes exactly like a stampede mini donut. We could not believe how they managed to get the flavour from the mini donut to blend so well into the hot chocolate. It had the sweetness from the cinnamon sugar mixed with the delicious chocolate, it really was a really delicious hot chocolate.

The only comment we had is we wished the donut was warm and fresh with a little less of the cinnamon sugar, since there was a lot of the cinnamon sugar on the cold donut that you get with the hot chocolate.


Cherry Blossom Bliss

“Get ready to dive into our deconstructed Cherry Blossom Bliss Hot Chocolate. Made with 70% Bernard Callebaut chocolate and served with a scoop of deep-fried cherry ice cream, coated in chocolate cornflakes and topped with cherry cream cheese whipped cream. We’re paying homage to our favourite Canadian chocolate confection, the Cherry Blossom.”

Price: $12.00

This is always a fun favourite hot chocolate of ours. We love the personalized aspect of this drink, you get to make it how you want. Cravings gives you all the pieces and you put it together. They give you an empty glass, some deep fried ice cream, some whip cream and a glass of hot chocolate, and since we did the alcohol one we got a mini flute of the gin and chocolate liquor. You get to make it how strong or how weak you would like.

We always start off by tasting each individual element before we mix it all together. Every aspect of this drink is delicious by itself and it was a hundred times better altogether. Everything about this drink screamed chocolate and cherry, it was absolutely amazing, each element played off each other and added more cherry or chocolate flavour.

This is a definite must try, whether you get the alcohol one or the regular one.


Salted Caramel Chocolate

“Our house made hot chocolate blend with dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate. Creamy salted caramel sauce. And topped with whipped cream and a salted caramel macaron. Available in a ‘make at home’ kit as well (whipped cream not included).”

Price: $6.50

This hot chocolate has a very subtle salted caramel flavour which was kind of sad, we wished that there would have been a stronger flavour of salted caramel. The macaron had a delicious salted caramel flavour that we wish would have carried into the hot chocolate.

This hot chocolate was not overly sweet with it being a white hot chocolate, which we were grateful for. Overall this is a very good hot chocolate, plus you can pick up some macarons when you go grab one of these hot chocolates.


Get ready for Chocolate

“Enjoy a creamy, intense Belgium hot chocolate, made in the tradition of European melted chocolate. The kind of drink you sip slowly in the cold winter months.”

Price: $5.00

This is a very strong, chocolatey, hot chocolate. The addition of the homemade whip cream really helps make the hot chocolate a little less chocolatey, but overall it was a very good hot chocolate. If you want something that has a very strong chocolate flavour then this is the hot chocolate for you.