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Oolong Tea House

Andalusia Orange

“Combining the flavours of our Orange Rooibos tea with rich dark chocolate with Oat Milk to create a beautiful vegan hot chocolate with a light citrus flavour that has to be enjoyed during the winter season.”

Price: $6.50

This hot chocolate is had a good orange flavour that comes from their Andalusia Tea Syrup. They use their tea to create the syrup used for this hot chocolate. To our surprise this was a creamy, orangey, smooth hot chocolate that was delicious. They only thing we were disappointed about was it didn’t look like the picture, nor did it look like the people ahead of us either. It was sad that they used canned coconut whip cream, but if this is something they don’t normally have, that is fine. Overall the drink was very good and its completely vegan which is always a bonus for sure. 


Bourbon Hug

“You know that awesome warm feeling in your chest you get when you take a drink of your favourite bourbon? Well, that is a Bourbon Hug! This year’s recipe is a modern take on this great spirited hot chocolate. House-made dark chocolate syrup and salted caramel are steamed to perfection with milk and cream (or dairy alternatives) and finished with our signature roasted house-made vanilla marshmallow, caramel drizzle and salt flakes. The perfect combination of sweet and salty.”

Price: $14.00

Oh My! This is their second entry for this hot chocolate fest and it is equally as delicious. They use the highest quality bourbon that blends so nice with their dark chocolate. Taking a sip form this hot chocolate it just warms you from head to toe, just like someone giving you a hug. The vanilla house-made marshmallow is absolutely delicious and a great addition to this hot chocolate. We loved the added salt flakes on the marshmallow to add a salty aspect. If you are heading here to try their Orange Kiss, you need to try this hot chocolate for sure. 


Orange Kiss

“A delicious combination of crisp orange and decadent rich chocolate. Our house-made dark chocolate syrup, steamed with milk (or dairy alternatives) and real orange then taken to the next level with candied orange syrup will please your taste buds. Topped with a dried candied orange and an orange flavoured house-made marshmallow, roasted right in front of you and finished with golden dust! Enjoy this luxurious combo in a cup at KRISTI!”

Price: $7.75

Oh My! This hot chocolate is absolutely delicious, you get a flavour similar to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The orange is amazing, it’s not subtle which is great, since dark chocolate is a strong flavour you need something equally as strong and the orange is perfect for that. The orange marshmallow is a great addition to this hot chocolate, but to our surprise that is not where the majority of the orange flavour comes from. We would love to tell you, but you will just have to take our word for it, it is so cool and you would never guess what it is from. You need to go and try this delicious Orange Hot Chocolate before its too late. 


Ugandan Vanilla & Sea Salt, 60% Dark

“A collaboration with Goldie Chocolate, our love letter to Uganda. Direct Trade vanilla from Uganda, paired with cocoa beans sourced from Bundibugyo, Western Uganda. Floral with sweet vanilla notes enhanced by a gentle sprinkle of sea salt. Vanilla Marshmallow. Vegan friendly.”

Price: $11.00, add espresso from Mt. Elgon Uganda $13.00, add Bourbon $18.00

Let me start off by saying we just had the plain hot chocolate and it is absolutely delicious. The homemade vanilla marshmallow is outstanding. We were able to purchase some of the chocolate that they use in the hot chocolate and it is amazing, you taste the vanilla and the hint of salt. They are using the highest quality of ingredients in the hot chocolate and the chocolate has been sourced from Uganda which is amazing. The drink was so good that we were sad when it was all gone, we definitely drank it way too fast. When you come and try one of the hot chocolates you are getting a full experience when you visit Kaffeeklatsch. 

If you want to have a full immersive experience, please head down and visit Jessica at Kaffeeklatsch and try one of these amazing hot chocolates that she has created. 


Hazelnut Truffle Cake

“This creation begins with our “Double Chocolate” black tea blend, blended with cocoa powder, hazelnut syrup and white chocolate. Have it your way with Dairy or milk alternatives. Topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.”

Price: $6.00

This drink has a really nice subtle hazelnut flavour which is always great since hazelnut is not one of our favourite flavours. Since it is a tea based hot chocolate we found it a little more watered down than we would have liked it to be. We were also sad that they used canned whip instead of real whip. The flavour of the hot chocolate is perfect if you want to try something different and need something to warm you up on one of the upcoming cold days while you are walking around the Farmers Market.   

Sammie Cafe

Raspberry Crimson Hot Chocolate

“Raspberry Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry Coulee, Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Whip Cream, topped with a Red Velvet Waffle.”

Price: $9.00

This hot chocolate is a very beautiful hot chocolate with the presentation. The waffle piece is very moist and very delicious, especially if you dip into the whipped cream. The drink also had a really good red velvet / chocolate flavour throughout the whole drink. We wished that there was more pistachio on the top since it added a really nice saltiness to the drink. The raspberry coulee had really great flavour and added a nice tartness to the hot chocolate. 

If you are wanting to eat at Sammie, make sure you call first to put your name down on the list. They only have eight tables and were very busy when we stopped in to get this hot chocolate.   

Bullet Coffee House

Mini Donut Bacon Hot Chocolate

“We know, we know: We had you at Mini Donut and what you see in the picture is what you get. That’s right, not one, but two all-time favourite mini donuts to accompany the most flavourful and delicious mini donut hot chocolate to take you spiritually to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Our Mini Donut flavouring was created by TEAM Bullet two years ago when all of YYC was craving that midway bag of mini donuts. Now we are sharing our sinful creation in a cup with you, BUT wouldn’t it be better with bacon and whip cream? Top it off with REAL bacon and REAL whip cream, and walk out with breakfast. “Well, everything tastes better with bacon” – Team Bullet (bacon is optional for those with dietary concerns) Here’s to drinking and eating Mini Donuts, the best way we know-how. Yee-haw!”

Price: Small $5.25, Medium $6.15, Large $6.85

This is a very fun hot chocolate with the mini donuts on top for sure. We wish that they used real whip and not canned, it would have added another level to this hot chocolate. The donut really tasted fresh and were really good as well. The bacon was real bacon, which is awesome and not using the fake bacon. The caramel is a delicious addition to the hot chocolate mixed with the bacon and chocolate. All the flavours of the hot chocolate combined perfectly. It is a very good hot chocolate.   

Bullet Coffee House

Bullet Oil Hot Chocolate

“Keep calm it’s back! Imagine a smooth n’ creamy cup of hot chocolate milk filled with rich n’ velvety Bullet Oil that is nourishing and delicious. The Bullet Oil is our secret homemade with love recipe consisting of organic coconut oil, organic cocoa with a hint of Saigon cinnamon. We top the hot chocolate off with homemade chocolate whip cream, semi-sweet chocolate drizzle and a dash of cinnamon. We believe this drink is best with chocolate milk, but it is also quite tasty with the five different milk alternatives we offer. The Bullet Oil Hot Chocolate will capture a new taste bud in your palate. See you in the shop!”

Price: Small $4.55, Medium $5.45, Large $5.95

This hot chocolate tastes exactly like a liquid bounty (the coconut chocolate bar). It has great flavour and the coconut is amazing. The chocolate whip has really good flavour and is the perfect addition to this drink. The cinnamon was a little strong on first sip then we got none until the very end when it had all settled to the bottom of the drink. It is a very smooth hot chocolate and we know that it is very good for you as well. 

Bea’s Cafe

Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate

“Bringing together classic flavours of cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate in our snickerdoodle hot chocolate featuring steamed Dutch dark chocolate, full fat milk and a dash of cinnamon. Nestled on top is a pillow of freshly made Chantilly cream, topped with made from scratch chewy snickerdoodle cookie crumbs and salted caramel drizzle. Finished with a generous pinch of dark chocolate shavings and cinnamon.”

Price: $6.00

This hot chocolate looked really good and the snickerdoodle cookie chunks that are on the top of the hot chocolate are soft and chewy. They have delicious flavour for sure. The combination of the salted caramel drizzle was really good. Unfortunately we found the hot chocolate itself a little plain and lacked some flavour. We wished that they had really found a way to bring the snickerdoodle flavour throughout the whole drink. We think that would have made it that much better. We loved the cookie so much that we bought some after we finished the hot chocolate.